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Episode 22: "I Can't Write" Jam

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Honestly, I'm surprised to be the first one writing a comment on this game.

The art is beautiful, and fitting, I would love to see it more. The conversations between Sawyer and Nova are natural, and funny. As if two pals who've been together for so long. The writing fit the atmosphere of the time frame and game. I loved the storybook pages in some of the scenes!

The rhythm fighting scenes had great music, and was very unique for a game of this style and time frame.  I wasn't expecting it yet, it fit right in.

I was worried about the saving system at first, because I didn't see a way to manually save, and I was already about 20 minutes in. But, after exiting from the menu I seen what you did. The auto-save, and chapter index is perfect for a game like this. The option to skip to battle helped me quite a bit for taking notes. And, I just found out you added the option to skip the battle when the player completed it and replayed a chapter. Nicely done!

On that note, A suggestion. I would naturally hit 'Esc' to pause the game so to speak (force of habit), and would have to restart the whole chapter instead of hitting 'Esc' again to continue where I left off. So, maybe a continue button in the menu if it's possible. The chapters are not too long that this causes it to become tedious, plus you have the chapter saver, so this is a light suggestion.

There is a few grammar mistakes, just missing commas, periods, and extra spaces sprinkled in.  Nothing too noticeable,  but I figured you guys would want to know.

I put up some examples from chapter 1, below:

Speaking of that last one, I was only able to replicate this one bug on that certain scene. The music will abruptly stop if you are idle for a few minutes. In my case, I would click out to write a note down or take a snap shot. Strangely enough, I only had it happen before the bee battle. I replicated it 3 times.

Even with a team, this is amazing work to get done in the time frame. Well done! If you guys make more games, I would definitely check them out!